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Special Friends Dedication & Poems

Nicholas is very special Angel in Heaven, that was taken to soon from his family at 20 weeks.  Click on his picture to visit his site and learn more about him and his wonderful family.

Billie Knight is the Mother to Nicholas,  she is also Mommy to Briana, Madison, and Colin (ss).   Billie is my partner in healing.  Our angels have brought us to each other to heal while helping others heal.  I have learned alot about myself and my Angels in the short time that I have known Billie.  These past few weeks have felt like a lifetime, and I can't imagine now not having her in my life.  First I would like to Thank Billie's family Brent, thanks for letting me steal your wife all the way from Michigan.  She is very lucky to have such a supportive husband who understands and cares, even when she has Computer Neck!!  Brianna, Madison and Colin, you have very special parents that really care about you, I hope one day you can come and meet Aunt Heather and build a snowman, work on Mommy and Daddy every kid should see a real 'White Christmas' (Hint Hint)!!!   Then there is Billie, the sweetest most compassionate person I have ever met.  We are so much alike in our thoughts and ways it is scarey!! LOL   Poor Jim and Brent if we lived near each other, they'd have to hang out just to get away from us LOL!!  Our Angels have a purpose for us and I can't imagine going into this Journey with anyone else.  Thanks for always being there to make me laugh and cry.  Thanks also to Nicholas for showing my Boys thier way in Heaven, you be good boys until your Mommies can hold you again.

October 22, 1995-October 22, 1995

Nicholas Thomas Scearce
October 22nd, 1995 Mommy Billie Knight

The Knight Family
Brent, Billie, Colin, Brianna and Madison

Poems written By Melissa Smith for My Angels
Melissa Smith is a Mother who lost her son Nathanial Blake Moore to an automobile accident September 1st 2004 at the age of 16, he would have turned 17 that October 2nd, 2004.  When I found Blakes website  I was amazed as I read about Blake at how much this young mans life touched me.  It was like reading all the dreams I had for my sons.   Melissa has done a wonderful job of keeping Blakes spirit alive, and I admire her for that.  All the peoms on this page were written for my children by Melissa, and I am so proud of each and every one of them.  Please do noy copy these, as they were a gift to my children and there are not many gifts an Angel can receive.

"Matthews Journey" By Melissa Smith (A Grieving Mom)  

Matthew’s Journey
"It's time to go."
He told Matthew his young one.
"But wait, I'm not done!"
Matthew’s voice replied.
"The voice I hear each day is filled with such love,
Doesn't she want me to stay?"
"She will understand."
He said, reaching out his hand.
"How?" Then Matthew’s voice said questioning.
"Have you told her of what you have planned?"
"She knows I love her"
He said with a gentle smile.
"She realized she would only have you for just a little while."
"Then you did tell her of your plans?"
"Yes, in her heart she knows you are off to a better land."
"Will she miss me?"
Matthew’s voice said sadly.
"She will miss you very much."
He said as a tear zigzagged down his face.
"Then I won't go, I'll stay right here."
Matthew said boldly.
"I like it here, it's so warm and cozy."
"But I have plans for you."
He said, reaching out his hand.
"What kind of plans?"
Matthew said, trying to understand.
"I'm going to take you to a wonderful land.
You will have others to visit with.
Young one's just like you.
Everywhere there is light,
and the sky is always blue."
That is my favorite color, but
"I don't want to leave her alone and sad."
Matthew said reaching for his hand.
"You won't leave her alone." He said.
"For I am giving you wings,
So you can see her each night to tuck her into bed."
" I will get to sing her lull-a-bye's and tell her I love her
and she will hear all I've said?"
Matthew said hopefully.
He smiled. "She will know you are always there.
In her heart.
She knows you will always care."
Matthew sat pondering, wondering what to do.
Leaving this place, and going somewhere new?
I do like going on trips.
Wings will bring me back, any time I choose.
He thought I must leave her,
So guess I'm on my way.
I will come back often and tell her that I'm okay.
She will always feel me deep within her heart,
I will leave my imprint upon her soul,
And she and I will never part.
Matthew turned to him and said:
"I'm ready to go with you now,
Your words have helped me so.
I know she will love me even though I have to go.
Just one more question before I leave-
This place we are going,
Does it have a name?
Is it as wonderful as it seems?"
"Yes" he said.
"It's called Heaven, and it's a special place to go.
A place to rest, a place for love, and also, a place to grow.
So come my child we're on a quest,
I'll take you home where you can rest.
Please reach for me and take my hand,
I'll lead you to my promise land."

In christian love, Melissa

Blake  was born October 2nd, 1987 and earned his wings September 1st, 2004

This page is dedicated
In Memory of
Nathanial Blake Moore 

Blakes Monument


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Written by Melissa Smith for Matthew  
I know of siblings, both happy and sweet,
This poem is about them both.
They know nothing about each other.
She plays around the house and outside,
He also plays, but up in heaven,
The little boy who died.
She knows he was a child, so sweet and good,
Her brother, who was taken away.
She doesn't know enough to miss him.
She herself is only a child, and doesn't know the pain,
But her mother thinks each day, each hour,
About the little boy who died.
She yearns for her little sweet, little son,
Her light in her life, her angel, her hope,
She can imagine his moves and his laugh,
His happy sounds, his smile, his walk,
The sweet look on his face,
On the little boy who died.
The little girl runs into her arms,
But the little boy is there too, always.
With sadness she embraces them both,
In her heart the daughter blossoms,
But the son blossoms even more,
The little boy who died.

So sorry
May God Bless you and your family.I am truly sorry that you have had to give up your children, but God does have a plan. As I was reading this site I noticed that your last child was born on my oldest sons birthday. Blake was born Oct. 2nd, 1987 and left this earth September 1st, 2004. his web site is:
Melissa Smith

You are in my prayers always, I know my Blake will help take care of your children. I know you wish you had them here with you, just as I wish my Blake was here with me, Just try to remember that, "Gone is the life, but NEVER the light." God Bless You. In christian love, Melissa, if anyone would like to visit &  learn about my son or to light a candle, etc.  I would be honored for them to do so.

Thanks Melissa


Please Move in Me My Darling By Melissa Smith (A grieving mom)  
O stir in me, my darling,
For now the sun must rise,
The sun that will draw open
The lids upon your eyes.
O move in me, my darling,
The knife of day is bright
To loose the threads that bind you
Within the flesh of night.
Today I lose and find you, 
Whom yet my blood would keep,
Would weave and sing around you
The spells and songs of sleep.
None but I shall know you
As none but I have known,
Yet there's a death and a God
Who wait for you alone.
So move in me, my darling.............
 In memory of Matthew