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Alyssa Nicole Willnow
October 2nd, 2002

Alyssa Nicole Willnow
Born October 2nd, 2002 at 6:45 p.m.
Weighed 7lb.10oz. 20 3/4" long

Alyssa Nicole willnow
Lil Miss Attitude

Alyssa is our youngest child born to this earth.   She had her own personality since late in the pregnancy.  After losing Jae Jae and Matthew, her prgnancy was considered high risk and our Dr took all recautions in the last couple months.  We had a total of 19 non-stress tests which were very entertaining.  You see Alyssa would not stay still, the nurses all would laugh because they had to stay in the room and hold the monitor on my belly.  Everytime they would try to slip out she would move and they would lose the heartbeat.  By the time we came in for delivery the staff knew us all by name.  We even had nurses come to visit so they could see who it was that demanded all the attention.  To this day she still does.  One very special nurse Barb came in on her day off too meet Alyssa.  Barb was the nurse that stayed over her 12 hour shift to be with us when we delivered Matthew.  Alyssa is now going on 3 and becoming a pro at using the potty.  She still demands alot of attention from all and is a very curious little girl.

Alyssa at Cedar Point
Cheezing it up!!

This summer we have made numerous trips to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  Alyssa has no fear and was very sad that she was to little to ride the big rollar coasters with Sami and Daddy.  From May to August we had made 6 trips and planning on at least 2 more visits to "The Point".

At Daddies work picnic, cheezing it up!!

Alyssa was very curious about all the activities at Daddies work picnic.  She watched so patiently as Blue was painted on her hand, a clown made her a Blues Clues balloon, and making a smore project.  Then it was off to the moonwalks, mazes and slides.  It was like a trip to an amusement park.